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Photographs capture moments in time and offer an unparalleled view of the past. The Archives’ Historical Photograph Collection includes more than 500,000 images of Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain region.


Topics include:

  • Cowboys and cowgirls
  • Ranches local communities, buildings, and street scenes
  • Scenic views
  • Studio portraits
  • Historic events
  • Aerial photographs
  • Photographer’s studio collections


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Is the online photo database complete?

  • No. This online database is a work in progress. Only a small portion of our photographs is currently available to view online. A complete, text-only database is available onsite. Unable to visit? Please contact us for assistance.

Can I purchase prints or scans of photographs?

Can I use an image from the Wyoming State Archives in a publication or exhibition?

Does the Wyoming State Archives claim copyright on the images in its collection?

  • In most cases, no. But there are some cases where copyright has been formally transferred to us. Please contact us for assistance. Researching copyright is the responsibility of the user.

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