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School Transcript or Graduation Verification

Use this form to send us your proof of ID and certification fee.  Transcripts and school records that contain grades or test scores are restricted to the student of record. Only the student of record and the school district of origin may request these records. 

Court Records

Please contact the court where the case was filed to obtain docket numbers (the only way we can find the files for you) and to be sure the cases have been transferred to us.

  1. You can find up to date contact information for Wyoming courts on the Wyoming Supreme Court’s website
  2. Then contact us.

Birth, Death or Marriage Records

Visit our Vital Records website

Did it happen in the last 50 years (or 100 years for births)?  Then contact Wyoming Department of Health Vital Statistics Services, instead.

Copy Prices and Rules

See Copy Prices and Rules page.

You can request a copy of lots of other items in our collection, including photographs, maps, and other historical documents in the State Archives.


Request a box or file from the state agency where I work, from the State Records Center

           Request these using the RIMS records management database.  Contact your analyst with questions or to set up a RIMS training session.

Request a records retention schedule

           You can look at this list of state agency schedules (see PDF below) or local government schedules (see PDF below) on our website below.  Feel free to call your analyst for further questions.

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