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The Digital Archives is a secure repository where state agencies can store, manage, and access electronic records with long-term or permanent value. Developed by the State Archives, the Digital Archives uses HP Records Manager software to provide agencies a way to preserve and manage their electronic records in much the same way the State Records Center does for paper records.



The Digital Archives software has robust search and retrieval capabilities. Staff can access agency records at their desks using the desktop client or at any computer by using the web client. Agencies can make records available to the public through the web drawer.


HP Records Manager has 99 security level settings. This allows users to restrict access to records to their own agency or just one person, if necessary.

Records Management

HP Records Manager software allows agencies to apply retention schedules to its electronic records to ensure that they are managed properly. This mirrors the process currently in place for paper records.

Storage and backup

Records in the Digital Archives are stored and backed up on servers maintained by ETS.

Storage costs

The Digital Archives uses StoreSimple storage. According to ETS, during the 2017-2018 fiscal biennium this type of storage will cost $0.11/GB/month. Agencies are responsible for paying for the storage space its records require.

Software costs

The Archives has purchased a number of software licenses for use by state agencies. The Archives can provide a reasonable amount of licenses to each agency and will pay the corresponding annual license maintenance fee for the licenses.

If an agency requires more licenses than the Archives can provide, it will need to purchase them and pay the corresponding annual maintenance fees.

Record scanning

We realize many agencies are already scanning their records. However, the State Archives’ State Imaging Center has some resources available to assist agencies with scanning paper or microfilmed records. Please contact us if you are interested in the Archives helping your agency with a scanning project. In addition, the Archives staff has produced guidelines to assist agencies in scanning their records.

More information

For more information about the Digital Archives project, please contact one of the people listed below.

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State Archivist
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Reference Archivist
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