Copy Prices and Rules

Copy Prices and Rules



The Wyoming State Archives is pleased to provide reproductions of our textual, visual, and audio materials, when such reproductions will not damage the original, or violate copyright or state statute.  These prices apply for the general public and government agencies. 


You may use your camera to photograph our unrestricted items.

Users are also encouraged to make use of our self-service scan to PDF option, downloading onto their own USB drives. 






All photocopying is subject to approval, based upon preservation and copyright compliance.

11" x 17" and smaller $.50.

Larger than 11" x 17". Black and white: $5. Color: $10

Self-service copies, including microfilm reader/printer copies

Self-service scans



No charge


Digital scans by staff



Document (non-photos smaller than 11”x17”)


Map (originals over 11”x17”)



Photographic prints












Oversized photographic prints

On 40” wide paper

Up to 25” in length


26” to 35” in length


35” to 45” in length


45” to 55” in length


Audio and video duplication

Please ask staff


Student fees

Photocopies $.10; photographs $1 per scan (no discounts on other reproductions)

Microfilm duplicates

$28 per roll, plus shipping

High school transcripts



$3 per record or case file


$5 per record or case file

Orders are processed in the order in which they were received. Please allow 10 business days for scanning orders, and up to 30 days for print orders. Please contact the Wyoming State Archives for details regarding large orders which may take an extended period to fill.  Please use our Photo Request Form (below).

Scanned orders filled by staff are sent via Google Drive. 


Commercial use of photographs also requires the payment of a commercial use fee.  See the Commercial Use Fee Schedule for specific information.  There is no fee for non-commercial use.  However, for all uses, an Application for Permission to Publish is required. 


Publishing or reproducing photographs requires a digital scan request and the submission of a Use Agreement, along with any associated fees. 


Fee Schedule

All prices are subject to change without notice.  For large projects, please contact us for pricing.  Pre-payment is required on all orders. Shipping is included in print orders. 

No use fees will be charged to any citizen, business, or government agency in the State of Wyoming. No use fees will be charged for any non-profit or educational uses. Other requests for use of photos within the collection will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


Commercial Use of Photographs

If you plan to use photographs from our collection for commercial publication, displays or online, we require you to sign a Photograph Use Agreement (below), which will be drafted by the staff. A sample contract can be viewed below.

Payment of an additional commercial use fee will be charged to non-Wyoming residents, businesses and government agencies requesting permission to use photos in our collection for commercial ventures. Please see below for a link to our Photograph Collection Use Fee Schedule. No use fee will be charged to any citizen, business or government agency in the State of Wyoming or for non-profit or educational uses.

Photographs are provided as taken by the photographer. We do not crop or alter images. Alteration of images by cropping, colorizing or digital manipulation is prohibited by our Photograph Use Agreement (below).

The following use fees will be charged to out-of-state residents, businesses, or government agencies that request permission, and that submit a Photograph Use Agreement to use one or more copies of photographs which are available from the collections of the Wyoming State Archives. Permission may be granted for one-time use only. Any subsequent use requires written permission and payment of additional fees. The use of any photograph from our collection must be accompanied by a line crediting the Wyoming State Archives. A complimentary copy of any book, article, CD, etc. in which the photographs are used shall be donated to the Archives. All orders must be paid in advance. For complete information about our photograph use policy or the Photograph Use Agreement (below), patrons may request a copy of these documents from the Wyoming State Archives.

A. Use fee per photograph for T-shirts, postcards, mugs, and other accessories: - $125.00

B. Use fee per photograph for books, book jackets, posters, calendars, brochures:

  1. Less than 5,000 copies - $15.00
  2. 5,000 to 10,000 copies - $40.00
  3. 10,001 to 25,000 copies - $80.00
  4. More than 25,000 copies - $100.00

C. Use fee per photograph for serials (magazines, newspaper, etc.):

  1. Less than 50,000 copies - $20.00
  2. 50,000 to 100,000 copies - $40.00
  3. More than 100,000 copies - $100.00

D. Use fee per photograph for videotapes, videodisks, CD ROM, Internet or other software usage:

  1. Less than 5,000 copies - $25.00
  2. 5,000 or more copies - $75.00

E. Use fee per photograph for a commercial motion picture or television production: - $100.00

F. Use fee per photograph for advertising use: - $100.00

G. Use fee per photograph for commercial decorative display (restaurants, offices and stores): - $25.00