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Record Retention Schedules

Legal Authority

Wyoming Statutes 9-2-410 states: “All public records are the property of the state. They shall be delivered by outgoing officials and employees to their successors and shall be preserved, stored, transferred, destroyed or disposed of, and otherwise managed, only in accordance with W.S. 9-2-405 through 9-2-413.”

Wyoming Statutes 9-2-401(a)(v) and 16-4-201(a)(v) defines “public record” to include the original and all copies of any paper, correspondence, photos, forms, books, electronic records, etc., or other documents, regardless of physical form or characteristics, which have been made or received in transacting public business by the state, a political sub-division, or an agency of the state.

Instructions and Information

  1. These retention schedules give your agency the legal authority to destroy records, if it chooses, after the records have been retained the established time period as approved by the State Records Committee. (W.S. 9-2-411) If you have reason to keep a record longer, by all means keep it. Just remember, it costs money to store and manage records.
  2. Elected or appointed officials and their staff are responsible for working with the State Archivist to preserve all historical government records, and our archivists can assist you with the historical appraisal of them. Records scheduled as permanent may be kept in your custody or transferred to the State Archives. To arrange for onsite assistance or for any discussion about the records including transferring them, please call us at 777-7826.
  3. Retain all records that may be used in pending or current litigation until its settlement. Policies and procedures should be put in place to prevent the destruction of records that would be used in litigation.
  4. Records should be properly destroyed according to approved methods.

Any questions please contact

Records Retention Schedules & Electronic Records
Michael Strom, State Archivist

Record Retention Schedules for Wyoming State Agencies

Record Retention Schedules for Wyoming State AgenciesPDF Document
Records Retention Schedules for University of WyomingPDF Document
University of Wyoming CrosswalkPDF Document

Record Retention Schedules for Political Subdivisions

Cities, Counties and Community Colleges and selected State agencies including Records Management Manual.

Record Retention Schedules for Wyoming Political Subdivisions PDF Document
Event Codes PDF Document

The following Retention Schedule crosswalks are in PDF format. PDF Document

How to read crosswalks PDF Document

If you have questions concerning the above retention schedules, about record retention schedules not yet listed on this page, or to obtain a digital copy of the retention schedules effecting your office please contact:

Wyoming State Archives
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