Tuesday, September 27, 2016


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Cheyenne, WY 82002
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Who is my Records Analyst?

If you have a question about your agency’s record management program, please refer to the list below to identify your Records Analyst.

Kathy Marquis - Deputy State Archivist
(307) 777-8691
District Attorneys
Governor (including Homeland Security)
Legislative Service Office (LSO)
Secretary of State
Superintendent of Public Instruction / Department of Education
State Auditor
State Treasurer

Lisa Hastings - Records Analyst
(307) 777-8628
Administration & Information (A&I)
Boards & Commissions
Community Colleges
Enterprise Technology Services (ETS)
Family Services
Political Subdivisions
Public Defenders
State Parks & Cultural Resources (SPCR)
University of Wyoming (UW)
Workforce Services
Wyoming Business Council
Pat Newbern - Records Analyst
(307) 777-8907
Attorney General
Engineer’s Office
Environmental Quality (DEQ)
Environmental Quality Council (WEQC)
Game & Fish (G&F)
Livestock Board
Public Service Commission (PSC)
State Lands & Investments (Includes Forestry)
State Bar
Supreme Court
Transportation Department (WYDOT)

Lisa Pushchak - Records Analyst
(307) 637-4887
Fire Protection & Electrical Safety
Military Department
Office of Tourism
Department of State Parks & Cultural Resources