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Barrett Building
2301 Central Ave.
Cheyenne, WY 82002
(307) 777-7826

Visit the Wyoming State Archives

Visit the Archives

Hours: Open Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m - 4:30 p.m.
Closed holidays

Location: 2301 Central Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82002. We are on the first floor, on the left side of the lobby.

Parking: 2 hour parking available on street in front of building. A full-day visitor parking lot is located on the north side of the building off of Warren Avenue, just before 24th Street.

What to Expect

New to researching at an archive? Never fear! Our staff is here to help guide you through our collections.

Before your visit

Try to have a general idea of what information you are trying to find. The more precise and specific you are, the better we can assist you. For instance, if you are wanting to research wolves in Wyoming, do you want to know the historic laws regulating hunting and trapping of wolves? Do you want to read about encounters with early settlers in the state? Do you want to learn about early conservation/eradication efforts?

Gather your research notes. Bring the information you already have if you are looking to fill in the gaps. For example, if you are working on family genealogical research and are specifically interested in the marriages and deaths of family members, bring your notes on the family, including names, known dates, locations, etc.

Check out our online databases. By checking the databases before you visit, you will be able to devote more of your visit to the records you cannot access at home. You can find them under Databases on the left side of your screen.

Bring your flash drive. Thanks to our new copy machine, we are offering free scans to your flash drive of document. Unfortunately, we cannot provide the drives, so please bring yours from home. Copies from microfilm or hard copies from the copier are $0.25 each ($0.10 for student projects).

Read the Reading Room rules. Familiarizing your self with the rules is a great way to prepare for your visit. You can find a copy here. [hyperlink]

Let us know you are coming. Many of our records, especially court cases and government records, are stored at our off-site warehouse. Please give us 24 hours notice of your visit and let us know which records you are wanting to view so we can make sure they are available for you.

During your visit

Be prepared to check your coat and bags. In order to keep our records safe for future generations of researchers and to keep the space clear of tripping hazards, we will ask you to lock your coats and bags (including purses) in one of the lockers at the front of the room. Loose notes, computers, pencils and cell phones are allowed at the tables.

Use our card catalog and finding aid binders. We are still a bit “old school” and do not have an all-inclusive online searchable database for most of our records. Our card catalog is the best way to find what you are looking for in the non-government records. Finding aids in binders will guide you through our county and state records. We do have a full, text-only database of our photos that is only available in the Reading Room. Access is also available to our online resources.

Make copies and note where you found them. Making copies allows you to review a document you found in the archives once you get back home. But be sure you write what it is and where you found it on the copy. The notation will help you when you compile your research, share a document with others, or create a bibliography.

Talk to our staff. We have more than 60 years of combined research experience with our records, so by all means, ask us for help! Just remember, the more precise you can be about what you are looking for, the better we can help.

Unable to visit us in person?

We offer research help! Staff and dedicated volunteer researchers can assist with research and make copies. We just ask that you keep the size of your request manageable, as we are only able to devote 1 staff hour to each person’s request. Email is preferred, but you can also mail in, call or fax your request.

Wyoming State Archives
Barrett Building
2301 Central Avenue
Cheyenne, WY 82002
fax 307-777-7044

Department of State Parks & Cultural Resources