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Cheyenne, WY 82002
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Research Topics

Our mission is to collect, preserve and provide access to records relating to the history of Wyoming and its citizens from 1869 to the present.

We are the official repository of Wyoming state government records as well as local and county records. Our collection also contains a significant amount of records from private individuals and clubs.

Topics of research include:
- Women’s Clubs
- Crime & punishment
- Pioneer memories
- etc

Historical Wyoming

Lola Homsher

Homsher's Histories

Lola Homsher was the first practicing Archivist for the Wyoming State Archives. During her tenure as State Archivist she wrote many articles for the newspapers in her own column called "From the Archives." She also wrote items for presentation on radio and for various historical entities. These articles are taken from the historical collections belonging to the Archives. Read and enjoy these collected moments from Wyoming's past.

Reform is Where You Find It: The Roots of Woman Suffrage in Wyoming

Michael A. Massie Reproduced with the authors permission.

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Wyoming's Capitol

"The people should resolve that when the doors of the capitol shall swing open to receive officers of the territory, that he who legislates for his private gain, that he who neglects to execute and fails to honestly administer the laws, shall be driven from its portals forever." Such was the feeling expressed by the Judge Joseph M. Carey, Wyoming's delegate to Congress, at the cornerstone laying ceremony of the Wyoming Capitol on May 18, 1887.

Wyoming's Capitol PDF Document
Wyoming State Capitol website

Blue Books

The Wyoming Blue Book Wiki is a comprehensive guide to the history of Wyoming state government history from pre-territorial days to the present. The wiki includes biographies of elected officials, election results, legislation, information on government agencies and counties, historical timelines, essays, historical photographs, and much more.

A limited number of printed copies of the original Blue Books volumes I through V books (covering pre-territorial to 2007) produced by the Wyoming State Archives are available for $25 each. The complete five-volume set can also be purchased for $25.

Volume 1 (75 MB) European Exploration to 1890, including acquisition of land, territorial years and statehood
Volume 2 (200 MB) 1890 to 1943, including the early days of statehood and a history of Wyoming's counties
Volume 3 (235 Mb) 1943 to 1974, including a study of equality in the Equality State
Volume 4 (57 MB) 1974 to 1990, including sections on government, education, economy, culture, and the Wind River Reservation
Volume 5 (40 MB) 1991 to 2007, including recent developments in Wyoming's history -- Centennial ed, 1990: v. 5, pt. 1. Guide to the county archives of Wyoming -- v. 5, pt. 2. Guide to the state government and municipal archives of Wyoming.

Department of State Parks & Cultural Resources