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History Day

Looking for a History Day topic? Think Wyoming!

Wyoming history is full of great research topics for History Day contest projects. To get the mental juices flowing, we have come up with some potential topics that fit with the 2014 theme, Rights and Responsibilities in History, along with some tips.

2014 National History Day Topic Ideas Rights & Responsibilities in History

Benevolent Societies – taking care of their own (Irish Benevolent Society, Elks, Eagles, Woodmen of the World, Mannechors, etc)

Coal Mine Safety

Environmental Protection
Grand Teton National Park
National Elk Refuge
Yellowstone National Park

Country schools
Creation of public libraries (Laramie County was the 1

Federal New Deal Programs – providing work in Wyoming during the Great Depression WPA, NYA, CCC, etc.

Land, Water & Mineral Ownership
Fencing the open range and public lands use Irrigation
Water rights – Who owns Wyoming’s Water?

Military & War
MX missile site opposition in Wyoming
WWI & WWII home front support -- bonds, salvage drives, war work (TA Larson’s Wyoming’s
War Years: 1941-1945 is a great place to start)
Wyoming National Guard
  History of the 115th Cavalry
   Chasing Pancho Villa 1914
   WWI service in Europe

Race Relations
Heart Mountain internees drafted during WWII
Indian Citizenship & suffrage – did not qualify for citizenship until 1920s
Native American reservations and “civilizing” education
Native hunting rights – US vs Race Horse case
Treaties (ex. Ft Laramie 1851, Ft Laramie 1868, Ft Bridger 1863, Ft Bridger 1868, etc)
Wyoming anti-miscegenation laws – Interracial marriages illegal 1913-1965

Sales Tax

Unions – United Mine Workers, etc.

Gambling in Wyoming
Prohibition in Wyoming
Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WTCU) in Wyoming

Volunteer Fire Departments

Voting & Suffrage & Public Office
Jury Duty – development of qualifications, etc. 1st women’s jury
Poll tax & literacy test
Term limits for elected officials (ex. limiting the Governor to two terms after Gov Herschler’s service)
Women’s Suffrage
Land and ownership rights
Service in public office (Esther Morris, Estelle Reel Meyer, Nellie Tayloe Ross, Jackson’s
“Petticoat Government,” etc)
Male support for female suffrage
Governor Campbell refuses to veto repeal, 1869
State Legislature and political support in Congress for statehood, 1890
Civilized elections, first-hand accounts of lack of rioting and lawlessness at early Wyoming polling places
Wyoming wins the national Collier Trophy for greatest increase in registered voters (1925)

Wyoming State Constitution

Department of State Parks & Cultural Resources