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Copy Fee Schedule

Prepayment is required on all orders for reproductions. These fees apply to government agencies as well as the general public.

Copies Of Documents And Textual Items

11" x 17" and smaller: $.50 per sheet. If the copy is made from a double-sided sheet or page the cost is still $.50 for that sheet, even if two Xerox sheets are made. Xerox copies will be made to match the original as closely as possible. Archives staff will not reduce or otherwise manipulate originals to reproduce multiple document images on a single sheet. Color copies 11” x 17” or smaller on plain paper are $1.00. Copies of documents made on photo paper 11” x 17” or smaller are $7.00.

Larger than 11" x 17": $5.00 per sheet for black and white copies, $10.00 per sheet for colored copies, $15.00 per sheet for copies on photo paper.

A microfilm reader/printer is available for patrons to make their own copies from microfilm. These copies are $.25 each. A self-service Xerox copier is also available for customer use, with some restrictions. Xerox copies made by customers cost $.25 each and are printed on yellow paper.

Certification fee: $3.00 per record or case file.
Exemplification: $5.00.

High school transcript fee: $4.00 (written and signed authorization from student required).

The staff reserves the right not to copy materials if they may be damaged by the copying process or if the order violates copyright laws.

ONE-DOLLAR THRESHOLD: Except for copies made for state agencies, charges for copies totaling less than $1.00 using the appropriate per copy fee will not be assessed. When charges are $1.00 or more then the customer must pay for all copies.


In-state requests, per roll: Diazo - $20.00, Silver - $25.00.
Out-of-state requests, per roll: Diazo - $25.00, Silver - $30.00.


The fees for the reproduction of photographic prints are as follows:

5" x 7" - $8.00
8" x 10" - $10.00
11" x 14" - $14.00
16" x 20" - $25.00
20" x 24" - $40.00

Oversize prints can be made on 40” wide paper, at the following costs:
Up to 25” in length, $50.00
26 to 35” in length, $60.00
36” to 45” in length, $75.00
46” to 55” in length, $100.00

Photo orders are processed as soon as possible in the order they were received. The number of prints in the order, the size of the prints, and the number of orders waiting to be processed affect delivery time. Print orders may take up to 30 days. Scanning orders may take two weeks. Standard prints are on resin coated photographic paper. Sepia toning is available at an additional $3.00 per print. A handling fee of $20 per image will be added to the photograph reproduction fee for prints made directly from glass plate negatives.

Prints from existing negatives and from copy negatives will not necessarily be identical in format or tonal values to a print on file in the Archives. Every effort will be made to include all of the information and maintain the integrity of the original image. Scans and prints of images are provided without alteration. Restoration work may be ordered with payment of a $20 fee per image. Restoration work will be performed, free of charge, on images that will be displayed in public areas

Submission of a Photograph Use Agreement is required if a photograph is to be exhibited, published, or used commercially. The Archives must receive the signed contract before the order will be processed.

STUDENT RATES: Students conducting research for school related assignments or History Day can receive up to 9 paper copies free of charge. If the copy order is larger than 9 pages then the student will be charged for all the copies at the reduced rate of $.10 each. Students may also obtain scans of photographs at the reduced rate of $1.00 per image. However, fees for photographic prints will be assessed at the rates listed above. The student rate is also available to college students working on coursework if the researcher shows a student ID and he/she is not being compensated monetarily for the work.

SCANNING BY ARCHIVES STAFF: State Archives staff can scan documents and photographs for researchers. The lowest copy fee, $8.00 for each photograph and $.25 for each document, will be assessed. The price for a scanned map is $1.00. Extra time may be required to scan photographs larger that 8” x 10”. Scans may be recorded on CD-ROM or forwarded as e-mail attachments.

Some records in the State Archives collections have been scanned and saved on CDs. Copies of these CDs may be purchased for $5.00, or for the cost of the individual scans, whichever is lower.

ADDITIONAL SELF-SERVICE COPYING OPTIONS: Researchers may photograph documents free of charge. Photographs may be photographed at the rate of $7.00 per photograph taken.

Visitors must obtain special permission to scan or photocopy documents and photographs using their own portable equipment and paper. No charges will be assessed for copying or scanning documents. However, charges of $8.00 for each scan, and $.25 for each photocopy, will be assessed for photographs. Permission depends on the condition of the records, and the intended use of the scans. Documents or photographs may be scanned and saved to a researcher’s flash drive free of charge using the public Xerox machine. These scans are low resolution. The duplication of entire collections is generally not allowed.

FEE WAIVER FOR NON-PROFITS: Non-profit corporations may apply to the State Archivist in writing for a fee waiver if the copies will be used for documentary purposes and the final product will be distributed for educational use, such as a publication or video. The product should be of potential use and value to the general population.

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