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Highlights from the Historical Photograph Collection

Historical Photographic Collection of the Wyoming State Archives is one of the most significant in the region. It encompasses a time period from Wyoming’s territorial days to the present with a representation of photographic processes since the birth of photography in 1839.

Subjects represented in the collections include:

Blizzards and floods
Cabins & camps
Civilian Conservation Corps
Cheyenne Frontier Days
Cities & towns in Wyoming
Cowboys & cowgirls
Dams & reservoirs
Devils Tower
Ethnic groups
Forts & camps
Great Medicine Wheel
Heart Mountain
Native Americans
Monuments & markers
Oil industry
Outlaws & criminals
Parades & local celebrations
Ranches & roundups
Stage & telegraph stations
State buildings
University of Wyoming
Yellowstone National Park

Major collections

Brammar Collection
Francis Brammar was the chief photographer for the Cheyenne Newspapers from 1932 until 1982. His approximately 44,000 images in the Cheyenne area covered political figures, Cheyenne Frontier Days, and events and lifestyles of the frontier community.

Carrigen Collection
The Thomas G. Carrigen Collections contains approximately 30,000 images documenting every facet of life in the central and northern parts of Wyoming from the late 1920’s until the late 1960’s.

Kirkland Collection
The Kirkland Collection contains excellent examples of commercial photography of the Cheyenne, Wyoming vicinity. Kirkland did much documentation of the cowboy and ranch life of the 1880’s and 1890’s.

Meyers Collection
The Meyers Collection contains approximately 12,000 images. This collection consists of Joseph Schimitz’s photographs of people and Wyoming communities.

The collection contains over 3,000 colored and black and white postcards. Subjects include cities and towns, buildings, scenic areas, Yellowstone National Park and Cheyenne Frontier Days.

Stimson Collection
The J. E. Stimson Collection is comprised of approximately 7,500 images, mostly on glass plate negatives, and date from the late 1800’s to 1942. A variety of subject material depicting life in America, including landscapes, industrial scenes, mining towns, railroads and railroad stations, cities and towns and interior and exteriors of buildings. His work is one of the most important collections of early western photography.
Department of State Parks & Cultural Resources